In honor of APEX EXPO’s 40th anniversary, we bring you a special edition that flashes back to the association’s humble beginnings, acknowledges the tireless work of its board members over the years and reveals some hilarious party stories.



A Flying Start

The positive turnout of the very first conference led to the beginnings of this association. READ MORE

Still Counting

Forty success stories from the passenger
experience industry. READ MORE

Social Club

Conducting meetings in hotel rooms or poolside were not unusual – in the early days. READ MORE

’Til Death Do Us Part

Your after-hour party stories, retold, anonymously. READ MORE

Women on Board

Meet the women who have overseen the association and its events over the years. READ MORE

Close to Home

When the WAEA conference coincided with 9/11. READ MORE

On the Record

Photos from the APEX archives. READ MORE

The New School

Our industry’s future needs fresh ideas and minds like these. READ MORE


Light Show

Having proven itself on the ground, Li-Fi begins to make inroads in the air. READ MORE

Baby Boom or Bust

Inside the minds of the mostly retired generation and how they spend on air travel. READ MORE


New Frontiers

Mapping out possibilities for geographic exploration
in flight. READ MORE


What part of the airline passenger experience industry do you want to learn more about? READ MORE

Work in Progress

Cabin interiors made with workaholics in mind. READ MORE

Within Earshot

Japanese airlines equip cabin crew with a new communication tool. READ MORE

Down to the Route

When going granular pays off. READ MORE

Listen Up

Food, like fashion,
is trendy. READ MORE

Identity Crisis

Keeping tabs on the public perception of biometric technology in Asia. READ MORE

A Fine Balance

Atlantic Airways juggles tourism and conservation. READ MORE


Paper Trail

Allison Ausband chronicles her path from journalism to airline services. READ MORE


Lasting Liveries

British Airways turns 100 years old. READ MORE