Anuvu Brings Content Selection into the Digital Age with Cloud-Based Explore Library


Image via Anuvu

In a world of seemingly endless choices, Anuvu is looking to make content selection easier than ever for airlines with the launch of Explore. 

Anuvu has created Explore, a simple, user-friendly online content library that makes choosing an in-flight entertainment slate as easy as picking a movie to stream from your couch at home. The aim of the library is to deliver a modern, efficient alternative to the industry’s sometimes legacy approach to content and media selection. 

“Historically, every cycle an airline is given PDF attachments, PowerPoints and/or Excel spreadsheets with all of that cycle’s new releases,” said Dan Callahan, Anuvu’s VP North America & Global Solutions. “One column is the title, the next column is the rating, etc. Any way you look at it, it’s not a rich, dynamic experience. Explore is an opportunity to help airlines really understand what their options are in terms of selection in a much richer and more meaningful way.” 

Offering airlines full access to their content options via an online platform that is accessible 24 hours a day, Explore helps carriers discover and easily filter through recommended and available titles. Using an intuitive dashboard, airlines can view essential details and metadata for each title, including trailers, synopses, cast and crew information, available languages and IMDB scores.  

Explore also pairs with Anuvu’s IFE subscription service Iris, which offers airlines a tailored and pre-curated variety of content.    

Anuvu’s SVP Media & Content, Terri Davies, has shared exclusively with APEX Media that Explore is just getting warmed up. “This is our initial launch, we’re showcasing it with our customers and as we get the feedback from them we’ll keep incorporating it. Technology never stands still, we’re always going to be improving it, so we wanted to hit the big asks first and then keep on going,” she explained. 

Suggesting that future search criteria options could include such categories as BAFTA or Oscar nominees and winners, film festival favorites and even female directors, Davies says the possibilities with Explore are endless.

“Choosing content should not be a time-consuming and tedious process,” she continued. “With Explore, airlines will be able to easily provide their passengers the very best media and content.”