APEX Weekly Wrap: NXTCOMM’s Plans to Disrupt the IFC Market


    In this episode of the APEX Weekly Wrap, hosts Stephanie Taylor and Seth Miller hear from chief commercial officer at NXTCOMM, Steve Newell, about the company’s plans for its AeroMax electronically steerable antenna.

    They also discuss the thinking behind the decision by four major US airlines to permanently drop changes fees on domestic flights, as well as the latest developments in in-flight entertainment, from Global Eagle’s newly introduced app-less IFE experience for Southwest Airlines to British Airways’ decision to move its High Life magazine fully online after 47 years in print.


    (0:20) Four US carriers permanently drop change fees on domestic flights

    (2:30) Global Eagle introduces app-less in-flight entertainment for Southwest Airlines

    (05:30) British Airways’ High Life magazine moves online permanently

    (07:47) Interview with Steve Newell, chief commercial officer, NXTCOMM

    (13:45) Thai Airways’ flight-themed pop up cafe at its Bangkok headquarters

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