Deutsche Telekom Swipes, Taps and Surfs Its Way to the APEX Cool Award


    Image: Vance Walstra

    It is no secret that the payment process is a huge speed bump for passengers looking to get online in the sky. This week Deutsche Telekom unveiled the latest iteration of its mobile app that reduces the entire process to a swipe and tap on the screen. Saved profiles aren’t new, of course, but they are virtually unknown in this market.

    This easy payment option is available today in the company’s app and works on flights operated by Lufthansa, Eurowings and Austrian Airlines. The process is set to expand to airline apps in the new year and the profile will also link to offline purchases, with passengers being able to purchase Wi-Fi at various points in advance of travel.

    The holy grail of 100 percent transparent payment is not quite available yet, but this work by Deutsche Telekom is a big step in the right direction.

    The APEX Cool Award was created to recognize the innovative spirit showcased each year at APEX EXPO. Using the APEX EXPO app, tradeshow attendees voted for the coolest innovations on the show floor, with the exhibitor with the most votes taking home the prize.

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