New Museum IFE Content From MyZenTV Features Tours, Performances, Interviews & More


MyZenTV Museum channel
All images via MyZenTv

The closure of many museums and art galleries due to COVID-19 has left aesthetes hungry for alternative ways to consume art. Veteran lifestyle content purveyor MyZenTV takes the virtual museum experience to dazzling new heights with a host of bespoke art and museum-focused in-flight entertainment content.

MyZenTV is now offering its Museum channel to the in-flight entertainment market for the first time. Launched in 2017, the channel is currently available on cable and via streaming in various countries in North America, Europe and Africa. The content provider’s meditation and wellness content has been flying for more than a decade on a number of European and Asian airlines.

The Museum channel features 350 hours of content, including documentaries, private museum tours, art city guides, tutorials and artist events from around the globe. “Since many viewers cannot currently visit museums, our Museum channel – which is dedicated to visual arts and offering fun, entertaining and visually striking productions about art and artists – brings the artwork and exhibitions to you,” said Mehaik Shaikh, international marketing and sales executive, MyZenTV.

According to Shaikh, museum walkthroughs and art tutorials are just the beginning on MyZenTV’s Museum channel. The channel’s Decisive Moment series focuses on visual journalists, editors and photographers discussing three of their most meaningful pieces in intimate, one-on-one conversations. Bite size Art News episodes cover everything from contemporary Estonian design to the unique friendship between painter Edgar Degas and writer Paul Valéry. Illuminating Art Live segments showcase a host of art performances at artistic venues and museums around the world.

“Since many viewers cannot currently visit museums, our Museum channel … brings the artwork and exhibitions to you.” – Mehaik Shaikh, MyZenTV

Noting that passengers, and even viewers at home, are looking for something different and unique from their content offerings these days, Shaikh says MyZenTV’s custom Museum channel and wellness content are set to meet that demand head on.

“A lot of people today are trying to adopt healthier lifestyles [and] make a shift towards more sustainable living,” Shaikh said. “Hence, watching stories about people who are practicing this in their lives [and art] will help viewers better understand how this is achievable.”

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