The Weekly Wrap: Health Passports, Antimicrobial Surfaces & Mask Awareness Signage


    The Weekly Wrap: Episode 5

    This week’s episode of The Weekly Wrap sees hosts Maryann Simson and Seth Miller discuss the prospect of new biosecurity measures throughout the air travel journey. Simon Lamkin, VP and global head of Travel Advisory at NIIT Technologies, joins to talk about his company’s digital health passport solution, which can work in numerous ways to protect passenger data. 

    The episode also takes stock of a continuing (if small) increase in flights across the globe and looks at the renewed emphasis cabin interiors companies are placing on the antimicrobial characteristics of their products.

    See below for a rundown of the different topics discussed throughout the episode:

    (0:41) More airlines increase capacity this week
    (1:45) The rise of digital health verification solutions
    (4:23) Interview with Simon Lamkin, VP and global head of Travel Advisory, NIIT Technologies
    (8:40) What are antimicrobial surfaces?
    (9:03) MGR Foamtex’s new antimicrobial SafeWall product
    (10:29) More antimicrobial solutions from Sekisui Kydex and Skypaxxx Interior Repairs
    (12:20) LIFT Aero Design’s new onboard mask awareness signage

    The Weekly Wrap is made possible by the support of West Entertainment.

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