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APEX Shares Airline Best Practices Regarding COVID-19

Airlines around the world are expending incredible time and energy to address concerns surrounding COVID-19. We are aware of many of these steps and wanted to share the most common sense actions with all our airline members. While you may… Read more

Shawn Duffy, senior vice-president and chief financial officer, Viasat.

APEX in Profile: Shawn Duffy

Shawn Duffy senior vice-president and chief financial officer Viasat Shawn oversees everything from finance to insurance, taxes and contract dealings at Viasat. She is a certified public accountant with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Accounting) from San Diego State… Read more

Mehdi Mokhtar, CEO, Fox Tripper

APEX in Profile: Mehdi Mokhtar

Mehdi Mokhtar CEO Fox Tripper After working as a general manager of French supermarket conglomerate Les Mousquetaires, Mehdi spent two years working at a crowdfunding startup. He then decided to combine his professional experience with his passion for technology and… Read more

APEX in Profile: Greg Caterer

APEX in Profile: Greg Caterer

Greg Caterer Chief Operating Officer Neutral Digital Before joining Neutral Digital, a VR content creator focused on the travel sector, Greg was a strategy consultant in London. He founded a smart-relocation business in 2015 and also spent 18 months in… Read more