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What the Smart City Means for Future Airports

APEX Insight: As airports become more than just transit hubs, they’re turning into microcosms that emulate smart cities like Hudson Yards in Manhattan – a mixed-used development that will have its own microgrid and system of sensors for monitoring its environment…. Read more

Harvey Alpert’s Snack in the Box Idea

APEX Insight: It’s typically the big “out of the box” idea that leads to innovation and success. For Harvey Alpert, CEO of Harvey Alpert and Company (HACO), it was the “snack in the box” idea and seeing a gap that needed… Read more

Immfly Lands EasyJet Wireless IFE Deal

EasyJet has partnered with Immfly to launch its wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) service, Air Time. The platform will feature content from Fox Non-Theatrical and Euronews, including TV shows such as, Legion and Modern Family. Air Time will allow passengers to… Read more

Gogo to Launch Gogo Vision Touch on Delta Air Lines

Gogo is launching a new wireless streaming entertainment solution for seatback-mounted devices. Gogo Vision Touch will launch on Delta Air Lines’ Bombardier CS100 deliveries in 2018. “The difference between our particular product and the traditional embedded IFE systems is that… Read more

Cappuccino and Chill: Zodiac’s Galley Innovations

NUVO ESPRESSO MAKER Zodiac Inflight Innovations has unveiled the first and only aircraft insert capable of whipping up a variety of espresso-based drinks from cappuccinos to macchiatos. “Airlines are always looking to better serve their customers, specifically to improve their… Read more

Hyperloop and Haptic Avatars: Highlights from FTE Global 2017

APEX Insight: Speakers inside and outside of the commercial aviation industry gathered at FTE in Las Vegas, September 6–8, to share their ideas of travel. They included executives and technologists from Hyperloop, Uber, Microsoft, Airbus A3  and others, giving the… Read more