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Something In the Air: Does Aerotoxic Syndrome Exist?

APEX Insight: EasyJet is taking action to improve cabin air quality. The news of easyJet’s plans to outfit its Airbus A320 aircraft with PUREair advanced cabin air filters last September reignited debate on a mysterious condition some believe affects frequent… Read more

Omotenashi: Japanese Airlines’ Secret to Service

APEX Insight: Revered worldwide, Japanese hospitality is underpinned by a little-known cultural practice: omotenashi. Not every airline challenges its flight attendants to compete in an Omotenashi Professional Masters contest. In fact, there’s only one: All Nippon Airways (ANA). Launched in 2013,… Read more

Packing Power With Wireless Chargers

APEX Insight: Cordless charging may soon be the standard, but the wireless revolution hasn’t taken to the skies just yet. As we charge toward a cable-free future, how will inductive powering rewire aircraft interiors and the passenger experience? This story was originally… Read more

Airlines and Seat Manufacturers Rethink Reclining

This article originally appeared in The Design Issue of APEX Experience. So-called recliner rage – conflict between passengers over seat pitch – is a major issue for airlines, and a widely publicized cause of flight diversions. Battles over reclining seats can escalate into risky… Read more

Airfares Get Personal With Dynamic Pricing

APEX Insight: As advancements in targeted online advertising are made, consumers are taking steps to retain their privacy, but digital marketing agencies such as Quantcast might argue that “information is power” – even for the consumer. As targeted advertising becomes more accurate, consumers… Read more