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Polar Wear KLM

Polar Wear: KLM’s Emergency Aluminum Suits

Once upon a time, KLM prepared passengers for the dire possibility of a polar crash landing with outerwear that resembled a baggy space suit. From the stylish aubergine flight-attendant uniforms Didiet Maulana designed for Garuda Indonesia to Laird Kay’s Very… Read more

Net Promoter Score

Asking for a Friend: The Correlation Between NPS and IFE

Net Promoter Score surveys are helping airlines determine what they need to improve to reach next-level loyalty and nab some brand evangelists. Between different service tiers and customer demographics, developing a big-picture understanding of what constitutes success when it comes… Read more

Virgin Spirits: What to Drink When You're Not Drinking

Virgin Spirits: What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking

Here’s to an airline whose cocktails are living up to its name. Virgin Atlantic showed support for Dry January with the launch of new no- and low-alcohol “NoLo” cocktails, offering passengers sophisticated alternatives to the standard lime-and-soda mocktails. Mark Murphy, Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse food and beverage… Read more