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Local Food Trends Go Global With Airlines

APEX Insight: The desire to appeal to local tastes around the world can sometimes result in sky-high culinary mash-ups. When American Airlines introduced its international route from Los Angeles to Auckland, it proudly crowed about serving items local to New Zealand,… Read more

Sea to Sky: Airlines Serve Ocean Fare in the Air

APEX Insight: Airlines are creating innovative opportunities to showcase seafood on their in-flight menus. From personal tins of Calvisius caviar in international first class on Singapore, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific to lobster macaroni and cheese on United’s new Polaris business-class product, there now seem… Read more


Frying High: Airlines Bring Fast Food on Board

APEX Insight: Airlines are forming branded partnerships with fast food chains to offer economy passengers a special treat. Japan Airlines is the leader in this regard, but the trend has found its way on board several carriers over the years. Commercial aviation and… Read more

Local Comfort Snacks Make Airports Feel Like Home

APEX Insight: Airport snacks are serving more than their hunger-satiating purpose these days. We scouted some of the edible airport ambassadors that are not only satisfying cravings, but helping travelers get acquainted with the cities they represent. Airports aren’t actually home to anyone… Read more