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Air France chewing gum

PaxEx FAQ: Why Do Ears Pop in Flight?

APEX Insight: Air France is offering passengers chewing gum to blow ear pain away. But what causes the discomfort in the first place? In this installment of PaxEx FAQs, we explore what causes ears to pop in flight and offer solutions… Read more

Chinese Travelers Seek Holidays With Lung-Cleansing Side Effects

APEX Insight: Lung-cleansing trips have become increasingly popular in recent months, prompting Ctrip International to publish a report titled “Smog Escape Travel Ranking,” which speculates that over 150,000 Chinese travelers went on holidays intentionally to escape smog and air pollution in December… Read more

Wellness Tourism: Healthy Holidays Can Start at the Airport

APEX Insight: Wellness tourists are seeking opportunities to improve their health as a preventative measure against illness or burnout. Airports are allowing healthy holidays and relaxation retreats to begin before takeoff with indoor walking tracks, yoga spaces and deluxe spas. Travelers are seeking out… Read more

How Airlines Are Helping to Fuel the Medical Tourism Industry

APEX Insight: As the trend of traveling abroad for more affordable or higher quality medical treatment gains momentum, All Nippon Airways, Turkish Airlines and Malaysia Airlines are fueling the medical tourism industry by offering discounts for passengers traveling for health purposes and partnering with… Read more