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The Magic Touch: Lessons From Hospitality Brands

Travel companies go to great lengths to train for higher hospitality, from ballet-inspired exercise classes to Disney field trips, but it all comes down to treating people right. The robots are here and more will be coming. But not to… Read more

What’s In an Airport Code? Poetry, It Turns Out

APEX Insight: How doth thee love airport codes? Let us count the ways. Slated for release this October, Nasser Hussain’s second poetry collection SKY WRI TEI NGS pushes the envelope on aeronautical expression with poems composed entirely out of airport codes…. Read more

Know Thy Customer: Meet the Big Spenders

APEX Insight: While it’s undeniably best to know thy customer as intimately as possible, buyer personas are a good place to start. In this multipart feature, meet the budget setters, family-first flyers, high lifers, business travelers and big spenders. As the… Read more