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Five Facts You Might Not Know About APEX EXPO

APEX Insight: APEX EXPO is the Airline Passenger Experience Association’s biggest annual event and has played an important role in improving knowledge and building lasting bonds throughout the aviation industry over the years. 1. The first ever event was an… Read more

Trolleys: RFID Technology and Cart Tracking

APEX Insight: Trolley tracking is getting a push from technology. In this section of the multipart feature, we explore how RFID tracking has made keeping on top of carts easier than ever. KLM and Air Canada were among the first to… Read more

Routehappy and OpenJaw Partner to Boost Airline Bookings

APEX Insight: Routehappy has set itself on a path to improve airline bookings through product differentiation supported by content that highlights passenger experience features. Its partnership with OpenJaw is the latest stage in that journey. Routehappy and OpenJaw Technologies have… Read more

Biometric Boarding Takes Off Despite Privacy Concerns

APEX Insight: As the use of facial recognition technology and fingerprint scanning to board aircraft and cross borders increases, convenience appears to be prevailing over privacy concerns. Airlines and airports continue rolling out new biometric passenger identification to ease check-in,… Read more