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Jet Lag Antidote: Can AI Help Relieve Passenger and Crew Fatigue?

Jet Lag Antidote: Can AI Help Relieve Passenger and Crew Fatigue?

Can airline wellness technology keep stride with nonstop flights upward of 17 hours? Almost two years ago, Singapore-based artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Detalytics began developing a solution to relieve fatigue symptoms for those who work night shifts when it realized that air travel could also benefit from… Read more

TUI Group Signs With Mirus for Long-Haul Economy-Class Seats

TUI Group has tapped Mirus for its Boeing 767 fleet overhaul, becoming the UK-based airline seat manufacturer’s second customer. Mirus previously secured economy-class seat deals with AirAsia for its fleet of Airbus A320 and AirAsia X’s A330-300 aircraft. Mirus Aircraft Seating has… Read more

United Airlines Opens Polaris Lounge at LAX

United’s LAX Polaris lounge features seating areas designed to mimic the Polaris airplane seat, a buffet, an à la carte dining room, six shower suites and two quiet suites designed for napping. United Airlines’s fifth Polaris lounge, located at Los… Read more

Silentium Debuts Personal Sound Bubble Tech at CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show today, APEX member Silentium introduced technology that could enable distinct audio zones in an aircraft. Silentium’s Personal Sound Bubble solution facilitates focused sound transmission through speakers towards a specific location, while minimizing surrounding sound using… Read more

LATAM new business class

[PHOTOS] PriestmanGoode Unveils New LATAM Cabin Interiors

LATAM Airlines Group’s new cabin interiors will enter service in early 2019. Because LATAM Group’s airlines represent different countries and traditions, PriestmanGoode relied on common elements in nature to inform design choices. LATAM Airlines Group’s upcoming cabin interiors have been… Read more