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June 12, 2020



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Contact Tracing, Health Checks Key to Air Travel’s Recovery

The US government is asking airlines to collect contact tracing information from incoming international passengers starting September 1 and has formed an interagency group to iron out the specifics of the plan. The CDC believes airlines should be responsible for collecting tracing data, while airline groups said this was unworkable and that they would rather the data be submitted directly to government officials via a website or app. Meanwhile, GE Aviation launched a blockchain-enabled application that allows airlines and airports to verify employees and passengers’ compliance to COVID-19 medical screening, and can track the disinfection of objects as well: Passengers would be able to view the cleaning history of the aircraft, for instance.  

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What Vacant Theaters and Early VOD Release Windows Mean for In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment (IFE) suppliers have been doubly hit by the pandemic: Grounded aircraft meant a drop in demand for IFE, and halted production schedules meant a drought in new studio-quality content. However, the coronavirus outbreak has been an opportunity to rethink current approaches. “Connectivity on board will provide greater flexibility to leverage personal devices and offer more personalized content options,” said Kate Groth, president of West Entertainment, adding that, should a premium direct-to-consumer window emerge, this would not necessarily impact how studios offer films to airlines.

APEX Media | Related Studio’s Movies in Theaters Will Be Offered for In-Home Rental – New York Times



What We’re Made Of: Film Selection Criteria May Change, Says Penny Black Media

Although the Penny Black Media team has been working remotely for several years, and COVID-19 didn’t affect the day-to-day running of the company, managing director Cathie Trotta recognizes that the road back to normalcy for the business will be long and hard. “It really is important that we support one another as we all dig our way out. Compromises are going to have to be made, expectations adjusted, and in our particular specialty – that of film – perhaps a rethink on the selection criteria.” The What We’re Made Of series looks at how the aviation industry is tackling challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

APEX Media | Related What We're Made Of – APEX Media



The Weekly Wrap: Delta’s Connectivity Plans, APEX Experience Magazine Highlights

This week, hosts Maryann Simson and Seth Miller discuss the reopening of international transit hubs; the UK's 14-day quarantine policy; a new aircraft and airport sterilization partnership between Honeywell and GermFalcon; and Delta's plans to diversify its in-flight connectivity portfolio. The special guest this week is APEX Experience magazine’s deputy editor Valerie Silva, who provides insight into how the editorial team pivoted on its planned topics to focus on the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic and shares her thoughts on some of the more notable interviews and features.

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Honeywell’s UV Cabin System Can Disinfect an A320 in 10 Minutes

Honeywell has announced an exclusive strategic partnership with Dimer UVC Innovations to bring ultraviolet-C cleaning to the aerospace industry. The Honeywell UV Cabin System, formerly called GermFalcon, applies UVC light to high-touch aircraft cabin surfaces, acting as a germicide on viruses and bacteria. Limited testing has been done on COVID-19 but clinical tests conducted on SARS and MERS outside of aircraft using similar UVC lamps were shown to reduce those coronaviruses by levels as high as 90–99.999%.

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Airlines Share Revenue-Generating Strategies

Executives from various airlines shared strategies for evolving their commercial approaches in the thick of the coronavirus crisis during the FTE APEX Ancillary Virtual Event on June 4. Cebu Pacific Air’s director of Ancillaries, Apple Ignacio, underscored how travelers will likely be more willing to purchase flexible tickets, which give them more control, and hinted at plans to expand in this area. Juha Jarvinen, Virgin Atlantic’s CCO, hopes the airline will gain more business-class bookings as a result of travelers’ desire to social distance, but that if this doesn’t happen, it will focus heavily on offering upgrades. EasyJet’s commercial director Andrew Middleton anticipates a shift towards outdoor experiences in a post-COVID-19 world, and reported that the carrier saw great success with a recent campaign offering to place sports equipment in the hold for $1.25.

Future Travel Experience | Related Virgin Atlantic, easyJet and Heathrow share strategies for achieving a sustainable commercial model through collaboration – Future Travel Experience



HAECO Launches Hands-Free Lavatory Upgrades

HAECO Cabin Solutions unveiled three new devices that can transform ordinary aircraft lavatories into contactless ones. The products include a foot-controlled switch for flushing toilets, an infrared sensor-based waste basket lid and a refillable hand sanitizer dispenser that can be used in other areas of the cabin to eliminate the need for disposable wipes. Doug Rasmussen, the company’s president and group director, believes that passengers would appreciate the upgrades in light of the current environment and their evolved expectations for in-flight sanitization.

Haeco | Related Aircraft and Airport Disinfection Key to Air Travel Revival, Study Shows – APEX Media





"During APEX EXPO 2017 in Long Beach, Global Eagle treated some folks to a flight and Wi-Fi demonstration aboard their test bed aircraft, the Albatross One."

This week, we’re featuring #APEXTreasures from APEX Media director Maryann Simson.

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Limited by space, I can't fully speak my heart here on Twitter about what Oscar did 4 me today. Please take a moment to read these screenshots. I'm so humbled and grateful for what this man did and continues to do for @united airlines 💙✈️✈️💙 #UnitedTogether #UnitedStrong

Joe Lammerman @lammdogg


Association News

Twenty Years Ago, the Y2K Bug Also Had the Aviation World On Edge

As the new millennium approached, computers the world over were at the mercy of a technological bug known as the Y2K problem. The airline industry exercised thorough preparedness initiatives and an abundance of caution in the years leading up to January 1, 2000, demonstrating the tenacity and determination to overcome challenges and prioritize the safety of travelers at all costs. Check out the Throwback in the latest issue of APEX Experience magazine.


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“It’s important to be in touch with your customers [during a crisis], not just giving generic information but actually giving useful info.”

Shashank Nigam, SimpliFlying
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