Debate Continues on Capitol Hill. Opportunity Remains to Impact Congress and get Emergency Relief to Airline Suppliers

23 March 2020

Dear U.S.-Based Member:

Following our APEX Member Call to Action on Friday, we need to continue to reach out as an industry today as the debate over relief packages due to COVID-19 have become partisan. Senate Republicans and Democrats are disagreeing over details of the $2 trillion package, and House Speaker Pelosi is working on a separate bill.

It is urgent that our members call Congress today and, in particular, to focus on calls to Speaker Pelosi’s office and your Senators to remind them that vendors and suppliers to airlines must be part of the financial relief package. Our messaging remains the same (see below or click here for the 19 March APEX/IFSA letter to Majority Leader McConnell).

The timing of these calls is critical. Please circulate this letter to your colleagues and enlist their support. With more people contacting Washington, our chances for success increases.

Call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA):  

Washington, DC, Office: 202-225-4965
San Francisco Office: 415-556-4862


Call Your Senators and House Representative:


Succinct Ask

  • A concise and clearly stated message is essential.
  • Introduction: My name is ______ and I am an employee of _____. My company is part of the airline industry and we are in desperate need of help in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Make the ask: I am asking you for your help to ensure that relief for the airline industry includes airline suppliers and vendors like airline caterers, food suppliers, systems manufacturers and installers, connectivity companies, and content distributors. My company along with these others already is bearing a severe financial burden due to the government- and business-imposed restrictions to air travel, and that burden grows daily.
  • I am asking that for every four dollars of support provided to the airlines an additional one dollar be provided to the critical suppliers to airlines in order to protect my job and the jobs of many others throughout this important segment of the industry.
  • Conclude: Thank you for considering my needs and the needs of the broader airline industry in light of this serious crisis.

Thank you for your assistance and support in the crisis. We will continue our work to represent your interests in Washington and will keep you informed of progress