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Southwest Airlines Partners With The Kindness Diaries

Southwest Airlines spreads LUV and kindness through unique partnership with hit Netflix documentary series The Kindness Diaries. Whether it’s staging live concerts in flight or wrapping its liveries with sharks for Shark Week, Southwest Airlines definitely knows how to put… Read more

APEX Addresses Concerns Around Cameras in IFE Systems

APEX Addresses Concerns Regarding Cameras in IFE Systems

APEX has identified several potential use cases of in-flight cameras, emphasizing that they must only be used with advance explicit passenger permission. Carriers including American Airlines and Singapore Airlines have been facing criticism over the presence of cameras in seatback in-flight… Read more

Immfly Evelop

Evelop Airlines to Launch Immfly Wireless IFE

Following survey results showing an increase in customer satisfaction for passengers who used Immfly’s wireless IFE platform, the Barcelona-based company has announced that Spanish charter airline Evelop will soon offer its service in flight. Spanish charter airline Evelop will begin… Read more

Vogue models wearing pneumatic headsets, which were à la mode in the 1960s. Image via Getty Images

Sound Tube: The Surprising History of Airline Headsets

Before earbuds and noise-canceling headsets, passengers used stethoscope-like devices where sound traveled through a hollow plastic tube. The jet age brought smooth, fast and comfortable intercontinental travel to the world. It also saw the introduction of early in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems that relied on fragile 16mm film and temperamental… Read more