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All Shell Schemes (booth stands) are 3m x 2m and consist of seven (7) panels. The visible area of each panel which is available for mounting graphics is: 2360mm (h) x 925mm (w).

All Shell Schemes will have a 2kW double wall socket (for use only on Monday & Tuesday), exhibitor name board, existing venue carpet, a round table with four (4) chairs, a waste bin and a lockable welcome counter (which can include graphics).

Freeman Exhibitor Services offers a One-Stop-Shop for all your additional exhibitor needs.

If you need to order graphics or other services prior to the Exhibitor Kit being available, you can reach out direct to Freeman Exhibitor Services via email or by phone +44 (0) 2476 309 236

The shell scheme only accepts graphics fastened with double-sided tape (Velcro is not approved and will not attach to the panels; nails, screws or blue-tack cannot be used). Any damage caused to the shell scheme will be the responsibility of the exhibitor and will be charged accordingly.

Exhibitor set-up is scheduled for Sunday 23 April 2017 in the afternoon from 12:00 – 18:00.
Please contact Ande Rowe with any questions – or +1 678-303-3010.


February Exhibitor Service Kit available to Exhibitors
31 March Guest Room reservation cut-off date with the Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin
Early April Registration list provided
Early April If you have an appointment booth, receipt of appointment schedules
April Deadline to order A/V (with APEX) if you have not previously ordered with your booth
April All exhibitor Food & Beverage must be ordered
14 April Recommended deadline to ship materials for arrival at the Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin (all charges will be the responsibility of the shipper)
14 April Deadline to order A/V (with APEX) if you have not previously ordered with your booth
23 April Exhibitor set-up 12:00 – 18:00
25 April Final day of Exhibits; booths must be emptied and ready for tear down by 19:00 (any items remaining after 19:00 will be discared)
26 April Educational Sessions

– If an A/V package was purchased, please note you will receive a 40” LCD or Plasma flat screen monitor and a DVD player.
– If you do NOT require a DVD player, or wish to have a Blu-Ray player, please let Ande Rowe know by 14 April.
– If you did not order A/V, but wish to order, please email Ande Rowe at by 14 April as extra A/V packages will not be available onsite.

Complimentary wireless internet is available for your low bandwidth needs (checking email, searching the web). If you plan to stream video or require more bandwidth, it is recommended that you download all materials onto a USB and order an A/V package for viewing.

Exhibitors are not allowed to create their own wireless networks since this will interfere with the Wifi network provided.

SHIPPING TO Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin
There are two options for shipping your materials to the Mercure MOA Berlin.
Option 1:
Packages should not arrive more than two weeks in advance of arrival. Storage of average size boxes (max. 2m³) is complimentary.

Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin
Mr. Babelscheck for Apex 2017
Company and Contact Name
Stephanstr. 41
10559 Berlin

Option 2:
If your shipment is large, or you would like for Freeman to handle all of your customs needs, you can ship using the Official Freight Forwarder, Freeman. Details can be found in the Service Kit on page 7 or by contacting Spender Brown at

If you are shipping directly to the hotel, you will need to arrange for a pick-up for your return shipment. Please note that all shipments that are left unattended, or without a pick-up, will be discarded by the hotel after 48 hours.

If you are using the Offical Freight Forwarder for your shipment, pick-up arrangements will be made.