Philippe Carette, CEO, Thales InFlyt Experience

Image: Philippe Carette

Philippe Carette
Thales InFlyt Experience

With more than 30 years in the aviation industry, Philippe previously held several leadership positions within Thales, including head of the electrical systems business, and vice-president and managing director of the commercial avionics unit.

Fast Facts:
Location: SNA
Years in the industry: 30+
Seatback or PED? Both
Window or aisle? Aisle
The future of flight will be: Customized

What have been your main areas of focus since becoming CEO of Thales InFlyt Experience in July?
I’ve been focused on leading the strategic corporate initiatives within the business that will spur greater competitiveness, customer satisfaction and long-term market leadership. Thales is working diligently to optimize the passenger and airline experience through digital transformation, and as such, I am also driving the digitalization of our portfolio and connected in-flight entertainment platform, to deliver innovative, market-driven solutions and reliable services that bring value to our global airline customers. This includes our InFlyt360 digital platform, which allows airlines to continuously improve the passenger experience with features such as personalization, monetization, fresh and dynamic content and better engagement.

How have your previous roles at Thales helped you in this area of the business?
I have spent more than 30 years in the aviation industry, along with previous experience at Thales as the head of the commercial avionics unit. From this, I have gained a deep understanding of the cabin and cockpit environment, as well as the benefits of connectivity for both passengers and crew. I have focused my career on excellence in execution and customer service, and I look forward to bringing this experience and global perspective to work for the benefit of our customers’ success.

“It’s inspiring for me to know that I’m a part of creating the in-flight travel experience of the future.”

What excites you most about your new role?
Thales InFlyt Experience operates in a highly competitive industry where the cabin environment is constantly evolving. We have the ability to leverage all of Thales’ capabilities and create innovative technological advancements that provide the best user experience, grow loyalty and bring value to the airline. We’re continually transforming our business to not only adapt to these conditions, but to anticipate the future for our airline customers and their customers. It’s inspiring to know that I’m a part of creating the in-flight travel experience of the future.

What’s something that never ceases to amaze you about the industry?
I’m always amazed at how rapidly our industry changes. For example, in the last five years, the number of connected commercial aircraft rose from 3,300 in 2013 to 7,400 in 2017, according to Euroconsult. By 2027, it estimates that the total number will be more than 23,000 aircraft.

This exponential growth requires trusted providers to bring new and innovative business models to the industry and to become close partners with airlines, developing solutions that support their brand and the expectations of their customers. Passengers expect an in-flight connectivity experience similar to that available in their homes or offices – with streaming, social media, shopping and the ability to connect via messaging and apps. Thales brings all of these to the market and will continue to enable airlines to provide a truly engaging and personalized experience in the air.

“APEX in Profile: Philippe Carette” was originally published in the 8.5 December/January issue of APEX Experience magazine.