Image: Maxim Sergienko

Recaro Aircraft Seating has unveiled several updates to existing seats, as well as a new partnership, highlighting its focus on offering airlines efficiency, flexibility and well-rested passengers.

Slimline SL3710
At eight kilograms (kg), the latest iteration of Recaro’s economy seat is a step toward the company’s mission to create a 5.6-kilogram (kg) seat. The lighter weight SL3710, which is 1 kg lighter than the previous version, has a fixed back with options for a 15- or 18-degree-angle recline. The seat will be launching on TAP Portugal’s new fleet of 25 Airbus A320s and A321s.

Comfort Line CL3710
Three features were added to the Recaro CL3710 (which has spare parts commonality with the SL3710): an adjustable headrest, a flip cushion that offers back support and a seat extension. The seat is a dream come true for long-haul economy passengers looking to get some sleep in flight, and won a Crystal Cabin Award this year.

The headrest, which acts like a little armchair you can nestle your head in, is appropriately named Abrazo, Spanish for “embrace.” Supports on each side flip down like armrests and the height can also be adjusted.

The second feature is a cushion that can be flipped up or down to support your upper or lower back. “We had a dedicated team to study how passengers find a comfortable seating position,” said Stefan Berroth, product manager of the CL3710. We tested the seat with airline customers to get their feedback, and we incorporated those ideas to serve their needs.” But in fact, one solution removed a need – the need for supplementary pillows to make a seat comfortable. “Passengers were bringing their own pillows on board. Now it’s all integrated,” Berroth said.

And a second button, next to the recline button, kicks out a seat extension, which adds several inches, providing more seat surface for thighs in a slouch position.

Comfort Line CL6710
The improvements on the CL6710 are a response to the feedback received from existing customers of the business-class seat. The IFE display is now further away from the passenger, the longer side console provides more stowage, there’s a bifold table that offers more surface area and height over the footwell, and the outer shell provides more privacy where the previous version had a cutaway opening. There’s also an option to install a sliding door.

Recaro also announced a partnership with jetlite to introduce to its business-class seats, human-centric lighting, which is designed to reduce the effects of jet lag. The positive effects of the product were endorsed by model and frequent flyer Toni Garrn who is also a co-funder of jetlite and was present at the conference.