APEX Experience Magazine Issue 9.2

Virgin Spirits: What to Drink When You're Not Drinking

Virgin Spirits: What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking

Here’s to an airline whose cocktails are living up to its name. Virgin Atlantic showed support for Dry January with the launch of new no- and low-alcohol “NoLo” cocktails, offering passengers sophisticated alternatives to the standard lime-and-soda mocktails. Mark Murphy, Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse food and beverage… Read more

APEX in Profile: Matthew Blay

Matthew Blay Co-Founder and Director Inadvia With 18 years of experience in the advertising industry, Matthew has a breadth of knowledge across international publishers, digital media platforms and media planning, most recently within the data-driven programmatic sector. In 2016, he… Read more

APEX in Profile: Gleb Tritus

Gleb Tritus Managing Director Lufthansa Innovation Hub As the managing director of Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Berlin and Singapore, Gleb helps ensure the airline’s foothold in the travel tech ecosystem. With professional experience in the German startup world, he has… Read more

Boeing 787 Dreamliner wingtip

An Inside Job: Photo Essay by AvGeek Alister Thorpe

Photographing powerful machines doesn’t always mean catching them at their fastest and most furious. Alister Thorpe has yet to experience air-to-air photography, but he’s no stranger to car-to-car jobs. He once spent 28 days in the Australian outback on a shoot… Read more