AirFi, Spafax Partner for Next-Gen IFE Content, Advertising Solutions


The next generation of in-flight content and advertising solutions will be driven by data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Spafax and AirFi’s partnership will further expand into this market, delivering a joint suite of new products and services for airline customers.

Global entertainment and media agency Spafax and portable wireless IFEC systems provider AirFi announced today that they are collaborating on an integrated airline advertising analytics tool leveraging the latest AI technology to combine behavioral datasets with airline passenger demographics. Tapping into the vast amount of data generated from the AirFi system, this tool will give insight into the purchasing characteristics of passengers and allow Spafax’s media portfolio and brand partners targeted and personalized digital opportunities displayed directly on passengers’ connected devices.

The companies expect that this work, delivered on the third-generation AirFi VENUS hardware, will further the digital transformation of the aircraft cabin, enabling zero-touch operations and more deeply engaging with customers and crew through intuitive, personalized machine interactions.

AirFi CEO Job Heimerikx highlighted the potential for transforming the IFEC environment from a cost center to a profit-generating opportunity, long promised in the industry but still not delivered. “The revenue generation opportunity from digital platforms in flight are still massively untapped. In-flight entertainment has been well-established for over 30 years – since the days of Hi-8 tapes – but remains a cost center. Then came connectivity, but again the cost and complexity of delivery has overshadowed passenger experience and profitability. Today we are announcing a major global collaboration that will finally unlock the huge growth potential in onboard digital revenues through machine learning.”

Tony Taverner, chief technical officer at Spafax, is keen on the potential to upend the traditional advertising model on board, suggesting that the “new joint product suite developed with AirFi allows airlines to make the most of AirFi’s technologies and platform versatility together with Spafax’s expertise across content, passenger communications and advertising.”

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