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Entertainment & Connectivity

The Thin Silver Lining in the Hollywood Strike: A New Era for In-Flight Entertainment
Adaptive’s Press-to-Podcast Technology Aims to Diversify Onboard Media Consumption
Inflight Dublin Announces Marabu Airlines Deal, Reveals Everhub Enhancements

Aircraft Interiors

BermudAir takes flight promising new ‘Aisle Class’
United Airlines Introduces Braille and Enhances Inclusivity for Passengers with Visual Disabilities
Eve showcases its eVTOL cabin at SXSW

Airport Experience

Dubai Airports CEO Unveils Vision for Seamless Passenger Journeys
Atrius looks to bring airport spaces to life to enhance the passenger experience
Finnair passengers pioneer “border control without queuing”

In-Flight Service

New premium leisure airline Beond unveils passenger experience concepts
From Single-Use Plastics to Edible Spoons: How Airlines Transform Cabin Waste
From sugar cane packaging to polycarbonate glass: RMT Global talks eco-friendly products

Thought Leadership & Brand

Electric Air Taxis make an impact at the Dubai Air Show
APEX Aviation Book Review: Alan Joyce & Qantas 
Round-Up: 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO Thought Leadership Conference


[VIDEO] APEX/IFSA Board of Governors Vote to Prioritize Health Safety, Sustainability
[VIDEO] US Startup Breeze Airways Completes First Flight
[VIDEO] Dr. Joe Leader Discusses APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying
[VIDEO] easyJet’s COVID-19 Response; Return of the 737 MAX
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