APEX Experience: Latest Issue

For airlines, the promise of tomorrow brings the migration of content delivery to the cloud, the rise of gaming spectatorship, alternatives to single-use plastics and startups busying themselves with some of the industry’s perennial problems. APEX Members can opt in… Read more

Vogue models wearing pneumatic headsets, which were à la mode in the 1960s. Image via Getty Images

Sound Tube: The Surprising History of Airline Headsets

Before earbuds and noise-canceling headsets, passengers used stethoscope-like devices where sound traveled through a hollow plastic tube. The jet age brought smooth, fast and comfortable intercontinental travel to the world. It also saw the introduction of early in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems that relied on fragile 16mm film and temperamental… Read more

APEX in Profile: Alex Gervash

Alex Gervash Founder and CEO SkyGuru Alex is a commercial pilot who holds a degree in psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For more than 10 years, he has been helping anxious passengers overcome their fear of flying. An… Read more

APEX in Profile: Julien Sivan

Julien Sivan CEO SKYdeals After graduating from École supérieure de commerce de Nice (now known as SKEMA Business School), Julien co-founded Business Lab in 1998, which became one of the biggest independent digital agencies in France. There, he acquired expertise… Read more