APEX Experience: Latest Issue

Care and service in the passenger experience industry come in many forms. From pre-flight medical checkups and flight attendant efforts to set cabin temperature standards to executive and crewmember tête-à-têtes, every bit helps to set the bar higher for airline… Read more

The Magic Touch: Lessons From Hospitality Brands

Travel companies go to great lengths to train for higher hospitality, from ballet-inspired exercise classes to Disney field trips, but it all comes down to treating people right. The robots are here and more will be coming. But not to… Read more

Joanna Geraghty

C-Suite: Joanna Geraghty, President and COO, JetBlue

Being in the thick of operations and seeing crewmembers at work in the galleys and at the gates provide Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer at JetBlue, with invaluable insights into the issues facing the company’s front line. For… Read more