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The 7.3  June/July Issue of APEX Experience is now available! Access the full issue online.

APEX Experience: Latest Issue

Follow cinephile sightseers to world-renowned film sets, animals and kids on their unaccompanied journeys, and glowing floor paths and cabin scents as you make your way through the June/July Issue of APEX Experience magazine. APEX Members can opt in to… Read more

Learning by Design Doing at TU Delft

TU Delft’s collaborations with the likes of KLM and Zodiac Aerospace are providing its Industrial Design Engineering students with hands-on experience while offering the industry a window into the next generation of ideas. TU Delft may be the oldest Dutch… Read more

PXCom’s PXVision Brings Passengers a 360° External View

APEX Insight: PXCom’s new service PXVision is on display at Paris Air Show this week. The live 360-degree external video is streamed through an airline’s in-flight entertainment system and includes an interactive augmented reality experience. Two French aviation companies, PXCom and IrisAero,… Read more