[VIDEO] APEX Weekly Wrap: Airline CEO Shuffles and Using Data to Manage Risk Volatility


APEX Weekly Wrap 24

This episode reflects on a week of senior staffing news, following announcements that both British Airways CEO Alex Cruz and Virgin Australia CEO Paul Scurrah will step aside. Hosts Seth Miller and Maryann Simson also discuss why SmartSky’s appointment of Dave Helfgott as CEO makes perfect sense as the company pivots from development stage to deployment of its long-awaited North American ATG network for commercial aviation.

Special guest Elise Weber, co-founder and chief sales and marketing officer at Skytra, joins the show to explain how her London-based startup, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, is using massive data sets to create a financial infrastructure that will enable the air travel industry to risk manage its revenue volatility.

Finally, space nerds are in for a treat with a segment on Relativity Space’s new 120,000-square-foot factory in Long Beach, California, where the SpaceX challenger has production of its first Terran 1 rocket made from 95% 3-D printed parts.

Here is a rundown of all the topics discussed in this video:

(0:40) BA and Virgin Australia CEOs step down
(2:45) Smartsky announces new CEO
(4:30) Thales IFC installations press ahead
(5:30) Skytra interview
(14:15) Relativity space 3D rockets

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