100 Solutions to Pandemic Problems, Part 2: Entertainment & Connectivity


In the face of one of the biggest challenges ever to hit the aviation industry, companies responded swiftly. Here are the entertainment and connectivity solutions that offer travelers a safer IFE and retail experience.
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Adaptive – ACES 

In June, Adaptive began offering complimentary two-year licenses to airlines looking to make its ACES reading material distribution platform available to passengers. It can be integrated into an airline’s existing mobile app and removes the need for physical in-flight magazines, duty-free catalogs and menus. 

AirFi – AirFi Box

In a bid to reduce touchpoints, the AirFi Box is designed to operate autonomously. It switches on and off automatically thanks to built-in technology that interprets data, including location and altitude. An embedded server and wireless network router can provide a variety of digital content to passengers. 

Bluebox Wow
Image via Bluebox

Bluebox – Bluebox Wow

Powering retail sales from passengers’ personal electronic devices, Bluebox Wow aims to replace the traditional trolley. It integrates with inventory systems and issues alerts to crew when an item is purchased, enabling on-demand delivery. 

Image via Ideanova

IdeaNova – Inplay IFE Portal 

IdeaNova’s server delivers content to travelers’ personal electronic devices, which helps reduce the number of shared surfaces in the aircraft. The Inplay IFE Portal also enables passenger-to-passenger chat to reduce movement around the cabin and can deliver health and safety information to passengers. 

Images In Motion – IIM+

With this solution, airlines can offer live television broadcast feeds to passengers with as much as 90 percent less data consumption. IIM’s patented signalling server technology requires no additional hardware and works with passengers’ PEDs to create a touchless IFE environment.  

Inflight Dublin – COVID-19 Communication

IFE provider Inflight Dublin is offering a customizable service package consisting of audio, video, digital and physical elements to help airlines communicate COVID-19 protocols to customers. These include multilingual announcements, videos and safety cards. 

Moviebill – Inflight

This augmented reality (AR) software integrates into an airline’s app and allows passengers to access 3-D content along with safety cards, menus and magazines by scanning a marker printed in the vicinity. Moviebill has created content for major studios like Disney, Paramount and Warner Bros.  

Panasonic Avionics
Image via Panasonic Avionics

Panasonic Avionics – Welcome Aboard Collection 

This collection of solutions minimizes touchpoints in the cabin. It includes Onboard Reader, which digitizes print publications, and Companion App, which allows a passenger’s smart device to control seatback IFE. 

Image via PressReader

PressReader – PressReader

Over 150 lounges and 10 airlines offer PressReader’s digital library of thousands of newspapers and magazines in 60 languages. The solution helps create a contactless experience in lounges and aircraft cabins by replacing physical publications. 

Image via PXCom

PXCom – In-Cabin Mobility Management (IC2M)

To reduce in-flight crowding, PXCom’s new software suite brings four special modules to the IFE system. IC2M facilitates lavatory queue management, regulates access to overhead bins, brings order to the disembarkation process and allows passengers to communicate with crew and other passengers. 

“100 Solutions to Pandemic Problems” was originally published in the 10.4 November/December issue of APEX Experience magazine.