Touch Inflight Solutions Uses CVM Insights to Refine Airlines’ IFE Content Strategies


Photo: Anna Zvereva

Touch Inflight Solutions (Touch) is now using Whip Media’s Content Value Management (CVM) Insights platform to aid its strategic content acquisition, licensing and programming recommendations for clients’ in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems.

Whip Media’s CVM Insights solution gives Touch access to real-time consumer viewing and engagement data across over 4.5 million film and television episodes covering 130 countries and 1,100 platforms.

Specifically, Touch will utilize Whip Media’s CVM Insights platform to track audiences’ intent to view films and TV shows before they are released to see which titles are most highly anticipated. CVM Insights will also provide Touch with details about what kinds of content viewers have an affinity with based on their content tracking behavior.

João Chaves, director of Customer Service at Touch, explained, “By leveraging Whip Media’s extensive insights on how consumers watch and engage with programming on a country level, we have a new measurement tool that will allow us to make smarter content investment decisions for our clients.”

By directing Touch’s investment toward TV and movie titles that are most likely to resonate with passengers in certain countries, CVM Insights will allow Touch’s airline partners to program content that will increase their return on investment, which is more important than ever since budgets have been slashed in response to COVID-19. WestJet will be the first such partner to benefit from Touch’s access to CVM Insights.

“For WestJet, data is a critical part of our digital experience, as it helps us ensure that we are focusing on what matters. With CVM Insights, Touch brings yet another data set at our disposal to help us predict and validate content trends. We’re excited to see how this platform will transform our in-flight entertainment content strategy,” said Jag Sandhu, product manager, Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity at WestJet.