APEX Media Experiences Embraer’s New E195-E2, the Profit Hunter


Embraer E195-E2
Image via Embraer

Launch customer Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras took delivery of the first E195-E2 last month. 

As Embraer celebrates 40 years of doing business in America and half a century in operation, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer has launched its latest game-changing jet, the E195-E2. APEX Media took a ride on the new single-aisle, narrow-body aircraft during an international press event at Embraer’s American corporate offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Nicknamed the “Profit Hunter,” it has an unprecedented level of fuel efficiency, achieved by innovations ranging from the engine to the landing gear, wings and stabilizer. The result is what Embraer chief commercial officer Arjan Meijer described as “the world’s quietest, cleanest and most efficient single-aisle aircraft.”

With all three capacity options (120, 132 or 146 seats) featuring what Meijer referred to as Embraer’s “no middle seat experience,” the E195-E2 retains the 2-2 seating configuration of its predecessors.

Embraer E195-E2
Image via Embraer

“We’ve improved the cabin overall, with bigger seats with more pitch and more comfort,” Meijer explained. For those jets with a first-class cabin, Embraer has introduced what Jorge Nasser, the company’s regional vice-president of Sales, North America, called their “staggered first-class concept,” giving each passenger more legroom and privacy. Economy seats are also designed with more legroom compared to the economy cabins in Embraer’s earlier jet models, and the cabin is noticeably quieter than other single-aisle aircraft.

Embraer E195-E2 overhead bins
Image: Jenny Peters

All passengers also benefit from the jet’s new “wheels-first” overhead bin design that allows space for storage of one standard-sized carry on for every seat on the plane. And the jets are proving to be incredibly efficient as they roll out to different carriers around the world, meaning fewer delays at the airport or on the tarmac.