APEX Weekly Wrap: Fiji Airways’ Travel Ready Program


    The APEX Weekly Wrap featuring Fiji Airways

    In this week’s episode of The Weekly Wrap, APEX Media welcomes special guest Shaenaz Voss, executive general manager, Customer Corporate Affairs at Fiji Airways.

    APEX member Fiji Airways has taken 1,300 actions to prepare for the reopening of international travel as part of its Travel Ready initiative, including the introduction of customer wellness champions on the ground and in the air. “We’re only hiring people who already have medical qualifications in either nursing or pre-hospital care,” said Voss, but explained customer wellness champions will also be trained in cabin operations.

    In terms of aviation’s future, Voss highlights the need for a governmental framework that recognises the importance of air travel, both from a tourism and a supply chain perspective.

    Also discussed is Vistara’s first flight with Panasonic Avionics’ in-flight Wi-Fi, SmartSky Networks’ ongoing lawsuit against Wireless Systems Solutions and how to get exposure at the upcoming FTE APEX Virtual Expo.

    See below for a rundown of the topics discussed during this episode:

    (0:30) Maryann’s flight experience between Toronto and London with Air Canada

    (1:47) Alitalia’s passenger testing trial on domestic flights between Rome and Milan

    (4:17) Interview with Shaenaz Voss, Fiji Airways’ executive general manager, Customer Corporate Affairs

    (10:22) India’s first Wi-Fi-enabled flight takes off with Vistara

    (11:19) Lawsuit concerning SmartSky Networks’ and Wireless Systems Solutions

    (13:03) Get involved in FTE APEX Virtual Expo

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