APEX Weekly Wrap: How the CCAs Have Evolved For 2020


    In this episode of the APEX Weekly Wrap, hosts Maryann and Seth take a look at some of the latest passenger experience-focused headlines, including the launch of STELIA’s new OPERA business-class sea for single aisle aircraft, as well as Lufthansa and Austrian’s deployment of SKYdeals’ “shoppertainment” platform. 

    Special guest Carmen Krause-Bösterling, project manager at the Crystal Cabin Award Association to talk about how the prestigious CCA’s are operating differently this year and the two special new categories there is still time to get involved in. 

    Finally, Maryann and Seth discuss Japan Airlines’ new agreement with Volocopter and take a look at the impressive documentary about the new Istanbul Airport, “A Monument of Victory.”

    See below for a rundown of all the topics discussed in this video:

    (0:25) STELIA Aerospace launches the OPERA business-class seat for single-aisle aircraft
    (2:30) Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines deploy SKYdeals’ “shoppertainment” platform
    (6:18) Japan Airlines’ new agreement with eVTOL company Volocopter
    (7:53) Interview with Carmen Krause -Bösterling, project manager, Crystal Cabin Award Association
    (11:45) Istanbul Airport’s new documentary, “A Moment of Victory”

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