Apios to unveil LCC ready passenger content system


UK start-up Apios will be at APEX/IFSA EXPO for the first time this year, showcasing the new ‘Reflect’ product. This is a low cost, low weight passenger content system, with particular relevance for LCCs.

We caught up with the founders before the show to find out a little bit more about it.  

From the passenger’s perspective, Reflect takes the form of a 13 inch screen that sits on the back of his or her seat, so it’s almost double the size of the largest (6.8 inch) smartphone screen.

At the most basic level, the passenger scans a QR code on the back of the seat, to sync his or her smartphone to the screen.  S/he can then cast content (for example, shows that have been downloaded from Netflix) onto it, while the airline captures the passenger’s digital footprint.

With LCC flights of 4-5 hours being common, that gives the passenger a much better content consumption experience compared to watching something on a phone for that length of time.

After that the system is modular, and LCCs can use it as a way to both enhance the passenger experience, and increase ancillary sales.

For example, a walled garden experience can be created with selected online retailers, so the passenger can do everything from gift shopping, to arranging for a grocery delivery to be made when s/he gets home.  

Other elements such as a moving map and content provided by entertainment partners, as well as advertisers, can also be added.  The idea is that Reflect is scalable, as well as adding on minimal additional weight, important when airlines place a lot of emphasis on both lowering costs and carbon emissions.

According to co-founder David Thomas, “There’s no reason why you need these big heavy screens anymore with the connectivity. That’s coming down. Almost everything should be up in the cloud.

“You can monetize every aspect of it as well.  Every sale that comes from the system, could result in revenue for the airline.”

Apios can be found at booth 749 at APEX/IFSA EXPO.