April Fools’ Day Pranks: Aviation Edition


    Virgin America April Fools

    Every year, the APEX team anxiously awaits the biggest and baddest April Fools pranks. Don’t be fooled by sleek aircraft interiors and friendly flight attendant smiles because even aviation experts have some tricks up their sleeves. Here’s our list of this year’s ultimate (aviation) April Fools’ Day hoaxes!

    9. Alaska Airlines reaches new heights.

    8. A new SWISS aircraft in sight?

    7. Riding high at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in 1933.


    6. China Eastern Airlines gets a green makeover.

    5. Free pilot training for all – not just the top one percent.

    4. Speaking #Singlish on #Jetstar_Asia.

    3. EIA targets new pawsome PaxEx.

    2.  Virgin America reveals busty new logo.


    And last but not least…

    1. APEX announces a new fur-ward thinking airline.