AtYourGate Airport Delivery Service to Expand


    AtYourGate Sees Successful Launch at San Diego International Airport
    A Delta Airlines flight crew pose with AtYourGate CEO PJ Mastracchio, having taken delivery of their Saffron Thai order after a long cross-country flight. Image via AtYourGate

    APEX Insight: According to research by AtYourGate, 60% of travelers want to make a purchase at the airport but don’t end up doing so due to lack of time. That’s why the company created its in-airport delivery app, which is ready to be rolled out at both domestic US and international airports, after a successful introduction at San Diego International Airport in partnership with the airport’s Innovation Lab.

    In-airport mobile e-commerce delivery service AtYourGate has secured $2,000,000 from TRITON FUNDS in its seed funding round following a successful introduction at San Diego International Airport, in partnership with the airport’s Innovation Lab.

    In March 2018, AtYourGate and GOLO, a mobile ordering platform and part of the Paysafe Group, announced the launch of AtYourGate powered by GOLO, an app that allows travelers to use their mobile devices to order and pay for airport products and have them delivered directly to their gate.

    AtYourGate president David Henninger says the app is approaching 5000 downloads over a three-month period. He estimates that, by fulfilling hundreds of orders each week, his company is already responsible for a 1-3% growth in sales at participating airport concessionaires.

    “Airlines love us because we solve passenger experience issues related to delayed flights.” – David Henninger, AtYourGate

    “Passengers love AtYourGate because we solve the common traveler issues of ‘no time’, ‘too far’ and ‘limited choice’ that have historically prevented them from ordering items at the airport,” Henninger explains. “Concession operators love us because we grow their business incrementally with new purchase occasions and increased transaction sizes; and airlines love us because we solve passenger experience issues related to delayed flights.”

    The AtYourGate service can process meal vouchers and access gate-hold areas – Henninger recounts one instance where staff actually delivered 20 meals to passengers on board a flight held at the gate for 90 minutes due to a mechanical issue, gaining what he referrs to as “hero status.”

    At Your Gate Application
    Image via AtYourGate

    When it comes to expansion, Henninger asserts, “Although we are entertaining interest from airports around the US, we are focused on West Coast airports with connecting routes to and from San Diego Airport, so we can leverage the networking effect of usage by frequent travelers, which accelerates adoption of the brand.”

    Although the service took twelve months to develop and implement at San Diego Airport, Henninger expects that the launch at subsequent airports will take approximately three months.

    “AtYourGate is making advances towards an improved traveling experience by creating a more efficient airport visit,” said Sam Jaffa, co-founder of TRITON FUNDS. “They provide the modern-day traveler, and travelers of the future, with a user-friendly platform that takes the hassle and stress out of airport shopping and dining. We foresee the impact of AtYourGate as a necessity for all large airports across the world.”

    AtYourGate began as one of the inaugural members of the 12-week Plug and Play Global Travel & Hospitality Platform of Innovation program.