In conversation, Simon Yaffe from buzz products


With buzz Products exhibiting at the 2023 IFSA/APEX EXPO, we sat down with Global Client Service Director Simon Yaffe to hear more about what the company is talking about at this year’s show.

Q – What are you excited about at this year’s IFSA / APEX EXPO?

Simon Yaffe (SY) – I think from a show point of view, we’re certainly excited to be back after COVID.  From a product showcase point of view, we’re here showing sort of a smattering of what we do.  We’re always selling, but we also very much here building relationships, connecting with people and ensuring people know who we are and what we do.

Q – Talk to us about your sustainability efforts

SY – We’re very committed to sustainability, as is the entire industry. We see it in a couple of different ways. I think the non negotiable element today is around sustainable materials. What does that mean? It might mean moving to more organic materials in textiles, it might mean moving to recycled plastics and textiles, it might mean moving away from polybags, through to paper products. I think all of those things are a bit non negotiable. 

But what sustainability also means to Buzz is designing for people. So we’re very design driven. We think that if you combine a strong design aesthetic, with a great brand, that’s something that a passenger will want to take off board. And in our product categories,customers are encouraged to take things off board, particularly amenity kits, particularly pyjamas, where they’re gifted,

Q – You talked about sustainable materials. Can you give us some specific examples?

SY – I think one of the most complicated programs that we worked on was a Singapore Airlines kids kit. We transitioned completely to a 100% sustainable product solution….we’re very, very proud of that. 

That moved entirely to sustainable materials, including removing poly bags, including moving to FSC approved paper and soy based inks. 

One of the other programmes that has done incredibly well is the Armani Casa business class meal service programme (for Etihad).  That programme has reduced weight year on year by over 10%.

In addition all of our amenity programmes will now include a bamboo toothbrush versus a plastic toothbrush.  We’re also including skincare tubes that are aluminium, or include a percentage of recycled plastic or ocean sourced plastic.

Q –  Any final thoughts as we close off day one of the show?

I think one of the things that we’re truly seeing is great engagement from our customers about innovation, and great engagement from our customers about the next best thing. 

The next best thing comes from true collaboration where we’re talking with our customers about where their needs and desires are, and matching that with product execution.  So there’s now a big focus on returning to really true partnerships and true collaborations.

Come and find buzz at booth 561 at IFSA/APEX EXPO, or find out more on the website.