Gate Delivery: The Companies Serving Passengers in a Hurry


    Illustration: Mathias Sielfeld
    Illustration: Mathias Sielfeld

    APEX Insight: In a hurry? Airport delivery services are at travelers’ beck and call. The fast-growing popularity of Deliveroo and foodora is a trend that’s also playing out in airport terminals. FooGo and AtYourGate are two companies that have spotted opportunities at opposite sides of the world to cater to passengers in a rush.

    Travelers who are pressed for time on a layover may not have the leisure of perusing all the airport amenities. And while apps have made it easier to locate restaurants and shops upon landing, lining up, ordering and waiting still add minutes of run time to the gate.

    Luckily, airports are picking up on the trend of food delivery services, which have seen a surge thanks to companies like Deliveroo and foodora. Even the French, who have a long-standing tradition of dining at restaurants, have been brought to their knees by food brought to their doorstep.

    FooGo operates at Mumbai and Delhi airports and will deliver a chicken tikka sandwich or Krispy Kreme doughnut to travelers up to 40 minutes before boarding. And AtYourGate will soon deploy a team of personal shoppers at a key domestic airport on the US West Coast to bring coffee and other creature comforts to travelers in transit.

    “AtYourGate can help open up the airport to travelers and increase exposure to the concessionaires who want to reach them.” – David Henninger, AtYourGate

    “AtYourGate brings the popular experience of mobile ordering and delivery into the airport,” says David Henninger, the startup’s president, COO and CMO. “Travelers can use their mobile devices to shop online from existing airport food and retail outlets, and then choose to pick up purchased items or have them delivered to a location inside the airport.”

    Research conducted by AtYourGate found that 60 percent of travelers wanting to make a purchase don’t because of lack of time. “Currently, air travelers in a specific terminal may be unaware of or unable to reach great offerings elsewhere in the airport,” Henninger says. “AtYourGate can help open up the airport to travelers and increase exposure to the concessionaires who want to reach them.”

    Even airlines are expected to benefit. “By delivering food and retail items directly to flight crews at the jet bridge, we’ll offer airline staff more choice and convenience,” Henninger notes, “and the amount of time saved may actually help improve the airline’s efficiency and on-time performance.”

    “Gate Delivery” was originally published in the 7.2 April/May issue of APEX Experience magazine.