Hansair Showcases InProdicon Air’s Curated Radio Solution


Image via Curated Radio

US-based supplier Hansair is displaying Curated Radio, a new music solution for airlines developed by its partner InProdicon Air, a white label provider of digital streaming services, at the 2023 APEX IFSA Global EXPO. 

Curated Radio, which launched earlier this year and is being marketed and sold by Hansair, offers upwards of 1500 channels consisting of millions of songs categorized by genre, mood, decade and more. The platform also supports eBooks and music videos, and contains advertising spots for third parties, which adds an additional revenue stream for airlines. 

It was developed by InProdicon Air in response to a spate of high-profile legal cases launched against airlines regarding a lack of proper music licensing for songs and playlists included as part of their in-flight entertainment offering.

The goal with Curated Radio is to turn music into a means of customer retention and a revenue generation opportunity. Greg McGrath, VP Marketing Latin America at Hansair, explained, “A full-service carrier with seatback screens is likely to offer the service at no additional cost to its passengers. A low-cost carrier, on the other hand, might choose to offer the Curated Radio for use on personal devices, funding it through advertising and/or the charging of a small user fee, perhaps in the form of air miles.”

InProdiconAir hosts the content in-house and has the backend solution for secure global content distribution. The company has its own applications that can be branded according to the wishes of the airline, or InProdicon Air’s APIs can be integrated with an airline partner or third party app. 

Furthermore, Curated Radio can also be offered as a personal subscription for offboard use before and/or after the flight, extending the reach of the airline’s brand and its messaging beyond the in-flight experience. 

Inge Severin, founder and partner at InProdicon Air, commented, “We’re very proud of the InProdicon Curated Radio. It’s the result of thousands of hours of work, both on the technical and the curatorial front. In respect to both of these, we have fine-tuned it over and over to create a product that we know people will really enjoy. We want to get people listening to music on flights again, discovering new favorites and digging into their musical pasts.”