Inflight Dublin Creates EASE Video Using Binaural Beats for Relaxation


Inflight Dublin's EASE: Wellness Breathing Exercise video.
Image via Inflight Dublin

The growing in-flight wellness trend inspired Inflight Dublin to create “EASE: Wellness Breathing Exercise,” which uses the concept of binaural beats to shift brain waves and encourage a state of wakeful relaxation.

Inflight Dublin’s in-house innovation and design teams have launched a new product that promotes passenger wellbeing. The 10-minute long “EASE: Wellness Breathing Exercise” video incorporates binaural beats, breathing exercises and calming visuals.

Binaural means the left and right ear each receive a different tone through a set of headphones. The brain processes them together as one sound at a frequency that equates to the difference between the two, in what experts call an auditory illusion. The perceived frequency causes shifts in brain waves, which each evoke a certain level of mental activity. While delta brain waves (<4 Hz) encourage deep sleep, theta brain waves (4-7 Hz) promote deep relaxation and alpha brain waves (7-13 Hz) contribute to with wakeful relaxation. Beta (13-39 Hz) and gamma (>40 Hz) brain waves, in contrast, are associated with increased mental activity.

“The binaural beats were produced in house by our audio team,” explained Barry Flynn, Inflight Dublin’s CCO. “They were created specifically in the alpha frequency range. We felt these frequencies best suited the ambience and aesthetic of the product, encouraging relaxation, promoting positivity and decreasing anxiety.”

Development began on the product in November 2019, with the name EASE chosen following a series of workshops held by Inflight Dublin’s marketing and design teams. The content is compatible with all wireless and seatback in-flight entertainment systems and can be customized to include an airline’s branding, such as the carrier’s logo, typography and color palette.

“We are delighted to announce our latest innovation, EASE: Wellness Breathing Exercise. Recognizing the fast-growing wellness trend, we wanted to create something simple and user-friendly that would help ease the anxiety or fear that many passengers suffer when flying,” commented John White, CEO, Inflight Dublin. “I am proud of the Inflight Dublin team for continuing to innovate and creating something positive during such a tough time for the industry.”

EASE was due to be unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this week, but the event was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.