Interactive Test Lab Opens at Munich Airport


The Terminal Testlab created by LabCampus at Munich Airport. All images via Munich Airport
The Terminal Testlab, created by LabCampus, at Munich Airport. All images via Munich Airport

The newly opened interactive Terminal Testlab at Munich Airport has launched its first pilot project, focusing on raising consumer awareness of digital security.

The Terminal Testlab at Munich Airport, located in the Terminal 2 gate area (Schengen level 04), has launched its first project after opening its doors on Monday.

The in-airport test lab has was created by LabCampus, ahead of the 500,000 square-meter innovation center €” and 100% subsidiary of Munich Airport €” it will build at the airport over the next few years. With it, LabCampus offers its customers exclusive access to unique test conditions and a high-quality target group €” potentially ten thousand passengers per day. By setting up a Terminal Testlab program, LabCampus’ customers can gain consumer feedback and insights that could be used for further product development.

“The interactive concept is so far very well received by travelers.” – Corinna Born, Munich Airport

The first major area being addressed at the Terminal Testlab space is digital security. Through a collaboration with ComCode and IABG (two renowned security companies from the Munich area), Center Digitization Bavaria and Munich Airport’s Information Security Hub, the Testlab aims to raise awareness of open source intelligence €” the gathering of information about individuals and companies from publicly accessible sources, like the Internet.

Travelers can ask ComCode to compile and generate a brief digital security report on their company while they wait. Visitors can also enter a draw for digital footprint reporting, with the winner receiving a more detailed analysis, including a presentation of the results of data gathered about them from their digital trail and suggestions on how they might improve their digital security.

The key areas of interest for the “Smart & Safe Cities” specialists from IABG include ways of optimizing public spaces with regard to telecommunications and IT security.

There is also an interactive augmented reality (AR) display element. Testlab visitors become part of a virtual safe city storage center that brings together security information from all levels of the digital city. After exploring live demos at their own pace, visitors gain insights on data security and related issues. 

“The interactive concept is so far very well received by travelers. The AR-Wall offers playful access to the very complex topic,” said Corinna Born, director, International Media Relations at Munich Airport. “The goal is to sensitize people to digital security. For this purpose, there are some interesting stations like the interactive infographics. We can see that the customers are quite enthusiastic. ComCode has already had a number of conversations in which obvious security gaps in companies were discovered.”

While the list of future topics to be examined at the Terminal Testlab is still in development, they will focus on themes related to innovation. “LabCampus curates the topics and seeks appropriate partners,” Born explained. Munich Airport hopes that the Terminal Testlab concept will be successful enough to spin off as a service brand to other airports.

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