LEVEL Becomes First Customer for Immfly’s Pre-Ordering Service


Woman on board of an airplane with white screen mobile mockup in hand.

IAG’s low-cost long-haul airline, LEVEL, has introduced a pre-ordering service powered by Immfly that enables passengers to purchase food and beverages as well as comfort items via the carrier’s website up to 12 hours before their flights depart. 

The items for purchase, which include eye masks, earphones and up to 15 different meals, are delivered to the passengers’ seat by the crew. At the time of ordering, passengers can decide when to receive their meals based on how many rounds of in-flight service are available on their route. According to Ankit Pareek, Product Marketing Specialist at Immfly, this is something its pre-ordering system recognizes and communicates with the passenger. “There is also the possibility to add extra snacks or drinks for the middle of the flight,” Pareek added. 

The aim of Immfly’s new pre-ordering service, for which LEVEL is the launch customer, is to reduce the weight of the aircraft by carrying only what is needed and to reduce food waste. It also embodies LEVEL’s tagline, “Fly Your Way,” by offering an increasingly customizable, personalized experience.

LEVEL has introduced the pre-ordering function to complement its use of the basic version of Immfly’s Retail On Board (ROB) solution, which enables payments using an Android electronic point-of-sale system and can manage warehouse operations and inventory on the backend.

The pre-order service is now available across all LEVEL aircraft and routes following a soft launch for LEVEL’s direct passengers. Pareek explained, “After a few weeks of testing and doing final adjustments with the catering provider, LEVEL activated the service for codeshare passengers and began advertising it across the airline’s different touchpoints.” 

Joan Martinez, head of Customer Experience at LEVEL, said, “Product or service customization contributes directly to improving and enriching the customer experience, which is the center of our vision and also of our partner, Immfly.”

“At Immfly, our aim is to provide a complete “Digital Cabin” experience for our customers and we realize that starts when a passenger is booking their flights. Hence it’s important to provide them with options tailored to their needs and preferences,” continued Immfly’s general manager, Maria Cardenal.