Logochromatic: Airline Brand Colors by Region


    APEX Experience_v5e5_Infographic
    Image: Marcelo Cáceres

    Can you guess which colors dominate logo branding in the airline industry? Region by region, we graph the hues that rule the skies.

    Aircraft paint a rainbow of colors across the skies, but there are definitely a few hues that the airline industry seems to prefer. We looked at airline logos from around the world, highlighted the dominant color per region and determined the hierarchy of colors that fly.

    After selecting the┬álargest airlines per passengers carried by region, we determined primary and secondary colors in each logo, giving primary colors a weight of two and secondary colors a weight of one. True to the hues of the skies, blue dominated the palettes of airline logos around the world. Regionally, it’s the primary color in Europe, North America, South America, and ties with red, the second most popular color in Australia/Oceania. All logos were sourced from airline websites in July 2015.

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    “Logochromatic” was originally published in The Design Issue of APEX Experience magazine.