Quivertree Media and Kokoro Kids Pact Takes Flight with Fun, Educational IFE Content for Kids


Image via Quivertree Media

End-to-end content service provider Quivertree Media has partnered with adaptive learning experts Kokoro Kids, to bring a host of educational games to in-flight entertainment (IFE) users of all ages.

Anyone who’s ever traveled with a youngster knows that keeping them entertained is priority number one when you fly. That’s why the recently announced partnership between Quivertree Media (QTM) and Kokoro Kids is such a big deal, especially as air travel ramps up for summer.

Offering a fleet of fun, educational games that teach as well as entertain, the partnership brings digital games centered around vocabulary, geometry, simple math and a host of colorful memory and creativity games to kids everywhere. 

Currently taking wing on Iberia Express, Viva Aerobus, Volotea, Air Nostrum, Iberojet, Sun Express, Pegasus, Binter, and W2Fly, QTM and Kokoko Kids’ IFE offerings are founded on the principle that the easiest way for younger children to learn new things is by playing and having fun. 

Designed by experts in neurodevelopment and neuropsychology, Kokoro Kids’ games look to foster emotional and cognitive growth in players through concepts such as adaptive learning, an AI-fueled teaching/learning technique that aims to provide smart, customized learning paths to each user. Kokoro Kids content also offers player’s parents a way to track their child’s progress as they play, which is something that appealed to QTM from the outset. 

“The Kokoro Kids collaboration represents a significant improvement in the childrens and games IFE platforms’ sections,” explains Silvia Callís, Content Acquisition Manager at QTM, adding that innovative children’s content has been a priority for QTM of late. “Keeping children entertained during the flight” is key, says Callis, but ensuring that the content kids are enjoying is safe, fun and educational is also a top priority. 

“Our goal is to improve the experience of the journey for kids so that they’ll be able to have fun,” says Carles Pons, Kokoro Kids CEO. “With this agreement with Quivertree … we hope that Kokoro´s universe expands to new platforms.”