Spafax Launches In-Flight Advertising Solution, AdConnect


Image via Spafax

Spafax has unveiled AdConnect, an all-new in-flight advertising platform that allows agencies to browse and purchase digital inventory directly from airlines via a centralized marketplace, at APEX IFSA Global EXPO 2023. 

The self-service buying experience created by Spafax AdConnect closely resembles the programmatic buying systems agencies are accustomed to, but provides the inherent brand security and controls required by the airline market, who can present their digital inventories to specific approved agencies. It also caters to the unique needs of in-flight advertising with its offline functionality.

However, Spafax says the platform isn’t limited to the in-flight arena, and can support relevant, contextual opportunities across the entire passenger journey. Agencies can pinpoint when they’d like to engage travelers – at the time of booking, the airport, on arrival and/or at their destination, for example. To allow them to do so, AdConnect identifies channels such as airline websites, mobile apps, notifications, airport lounge screens and onboard in-flight entertainment systems.

AdConnect has been built on the robust foundations of Salesforce and Amazon Web Services to shorten lead times for ad campaigns by automating workflows. It provides detailed financial reporting for airlines, as well as insight into campaign performance for agencies and brands in real-time. There’s peace of mind for airlines and agencies too, with controlled pricing structures and ad formats that meet the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s standard.

Once the Spafax Media Sales team has facilitated the use of the platform, they will continue to be on hand for airlines needing assistance in doing so. 

Jean-Marc Thomas, managing director APAC at Spafax, commented, “With Spafax AdConnect, we’ve not just created a platform; we’ve envisioned a new horizon for in-flight advertising. By integrating powerful tools and insights into one marketplace, we are offering airlines and agencies an unparalleled platform to drive meaningful engagements, even in traditionally offline settings. AdConnect is about taking in-flight advertising into the future.”