Spafax takes workflow transparency to the next level with launch of Lens


Offering customers a new, client-facing, global view portal of their curated IFE selections, Spafax is showcasing Lens in Long Beach as it gears up to launch the platform with two of their airlines clients. 

“Lens is a new kind of client portal that we’re going to be rolling out to a couple of our clients shortly,” says Spafax Head of Studio, Jonathan Gilbert. “And it’s basically a comprehensive, client-facing preview of what’s available. A lot of times, in the past, information like distributor, upcoming releases and all that have been presented to airlines in like, Excel grids, which is super uninteresting, but with Lens you get a deeper view of what’s happening.”

Offering airlines a global view of their future and historic IFE cycles, availabilities, recommended titles and all other relevant data linked to curated content – including title, year of release, run time and airline-specific view rating – Lens establishes a secure connection to Spafax’s cloud-based content library Buzz, which is refreshed daily via automatic updates. 

Aside from being user-friendly and easily accessible across a number of different devices, Spafax Chief Technical Officer, Paul Colley, says Lens was designed with transparency in mind. 

“Spafax has always built transparency into everything that we do so we can offer our clients a window into our processes and tools,” says Colley. “Our end-to-end digital workflow offers full visibility and control across content operations and Lens is the latest tool to offer our clients up-to-date IFE insights, on demand.”

Gilbert concurs. “Lens offers our customers a much clearer picture of what they’ll be working with. One of the problems that a lot of airlines have is that their programming content several months out, and then, even up to the point where it’s about to go on the plane, they don’t really have this deeper view of like, what does it look like? What is actually going on? It’s often abstracted, because it’s just like layers of data and booking patterns and the like,” explains Gilbert. “Simply put, Lens is total visibility and transparency over your content curation selection!”