SpiceJet Wins 2021 APEX Newcomer of the Year Award for Cabin Crew App


India-based low-cost carrier SpiceJet has been awarded the 2021 APEX Award in the Newcomer of the Year category. 

SpiceJet has received the 2021 APEX Newcomer of the Year Award for its SG Docs mobile app, which it created during the past 12 months to transition flight attendants’ operational processes from paper to digital form. 

Users must sign into the app, which hosts a range of digital documents and manuals regarding cabin announcements, current cabin defects and various operational forms, using their official email credentials. 

Specifically, crew can use the app to submit Crew Baggage Declaration and Cabin Check forms. Both auto-capture the date and time of completion and, if being used in offline mode, are saved to the user’s device before being uploaded to the company’s database once there is an internet connection. Both of these forms eliminate the traditional need to use hard copies. 

Furthermore, SpiceJet developed an e-form within the app during COVID-19 that can be used by Cabin Crew to pre-store their dose-specific COVID vaccination appointment date and upload vaccination certificates. This database of information, which can be viewed or downloaded via a web application, assists SpiceJet in pre-assigning cabin crews’ flight duties.

In terms of cabin announcements, the app allows flight attendants to select a particular aircraft registration and view all the related bilingual safety, service, situational and promotional announcements. This saves them from a cumbersome process of having to refer to a paper booklet and use an index to search for aircraft registration-specific announcements. 

Finally, rather than having to verify all previous current cabin defect entries via a physical cabin defect log book and aircraft tech log book and update them with any new entries, the crew can use the app to see a digital preview of defects. This minimizes the duplication of cabin defect entries in the hard copy of the cabin defect log book, as the app is in sync with SpiceJet’s aircraft maintenance software and is refreshed in real-time. Previously, crew could only view the defects in the log book on boarding the aircraft, but using the app allows crew to do so ahead of time.