APEX Member Terry Steiner named to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Terry Steiner, founder of long-time APEX member Terry Steiner International has been named to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), with the ability to vote in the Academy Awards

We caught up with her to hear more about this amazing achievement and honor.

Q – Congratulations on being selected as part of the voting Academy of the Academy Awards?  How did your work with our industry help advance you to for this incredible honor?

Being elected to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was such an honor for me, especially amidst the challenges of Covid. 

My years of experience in the film business and my passion for films, combined with my role as a leading distributor in the in-flight market, gave me the opportunity to be recognized and accepted as an Academy member.  It has also been a privilege to be a member of BAFTA (British Academy of Film & Television Arts) for many years. 

Q – Describe to us how the IFE landscape has shifted, if any, since COVID travel restrictions were listed.  Have you seen any changes in viewing habits and airline buying habits?

The deals are once again flowing and the airlines are making more varied content selections available to their passengers and booking titles more frequently.

Q – You describe your firm as offering one-stop shopping for clients in commercial aviation, the maritime industries, the military and more. Tell us a little bit more about what you mean by that?

TSI offers an extensive line-up of product across the various types of content available to these markets be it major studio releases, streamed product, independent films, classics, docs, TV, digital media and podcasts TSI takes pride in our ability to package and price different selections, helping airlines in their curation of diverse programming.

Q – In the Hollywood Reporter last October, you were quoted in a piece about airline marketing and revenue opportunities for in-flight streamers.  Could you expand a little bit more about this, and how you see those opportunities developing?

Yes, I do see the streamers as the new kids on the block with many exciting opportunities to build the brand awareness and increase the bottom line while offering passengers more viewing choices.

Q – In your career in the airline content and IFE space, what’s both the biggest challenge and opportunity you’ve encountered?

 Challenge – We were able to keep the company going during Covid when there was virtually no business and build it back up to be stronger than ever.

Opportunity – While heading up the IFE division of Orion Pictures, I had the idea to start my own company and represent their product.  With the blessing of the President, we opened our doors in 1993 and Orion became our first film client.

Q – On the Academy Awards, without giving too much away, please tell us what you look for in the voting and what inspires your selections?

The elements that inspire my decisions include creativity, great performances and genuine human appeal and soul.

Finally, we asked APEX CEO Dr Joe Leader to share his thoughts:

“Terry Steiner has been an integral part of the APEX community for decades.  Having Terry officially join the Academy of the Academy Awards demonstrates how integral she is to our entire industry.

“APEX was originally founded in the 1970s centered around in-flight entertainment. When Terry Steiner served on APEX’s Board of Directors two decades ago, it was at a time before the association could not afford any association management or staff team. 

“It was ‘all hands-on deck’ task as she spent hundreds of hours for the association as a volunteer, leading and reviewing our awards.  Seeing Terry being tapped by the Academy for her incredible energies is a tremendous accolade that reflects on APEX’s best-of-the-best being properly recognized by our world.”