The Top 10 List of Lists: 2014 Edition


    As the APEX Media team was brainstorming content for our 2014 top ten lists, our publisher Al St. Germain suggested the best idea we’ve heard all year: “What about a top 10 list of lists?” Brilliant! And so, here it is, our favorite APEX media “listicles” from 2014.

    15 Experiences Only EXPO Attendees Will Understand 

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    This one is ironic considering that 90% of the APEX Media team were EXPO first-timers this year (yes, we are new here). Inspired by Buzzfeed’s 12 Things Only CES Attendees Understand, we put together an EXPO-themed list for all the members who have been attending EXPO year after year.

    14 AVGEEK Speak Terms: Your Unofficial EXPO Glossary Guide

    airplanes chatting

    It was tough to choose 10 here since there are literally just too many quirky AvGeek terms to choose from. Flytertalk has a wonderful glossary listed in alphabetical order that we admit to referring to on more than one occasion.

    Seven Trends to Watch at CES 2015

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    CES can be overwhelming but APEX contributor and techie Jordan Yerman is no rookie to the CES showroom floor. Yerman weeds through the thousands of new technologies that will be on display in January and zones in on the top seven trends APEX members should watch for. Stay tuned for more of his coverage after the event.

    The Top 10 Social Airlines of 2014

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    Airlines around the world are stepping up their social media game with a focus on passenger engagement, quirky campaigns and customer service excellence. APEX contributor Jenn Wint reviews our top ten and highlights the stand-out gestures and campaigns.

    The Top 10 Aircraft Interior Innovations of 2014

    Photo: Thomson Airways
    Photo: Thomson Airways

    From new cabin concepts to innovative seat design, APEX contributor and aviation design specialist Marisa Garcia recaps the best in aircraft interiors for 2014 including SkyCouch developed by Air New Zealand and TUI Thomson Airways’ family cabin concept.

    The Top 10 Liveries of 2014


    From complete rebranding to special occasion liveries, 2014 has seen numerous coats of fresh paint applied to airplanes. We’ve rounded up 10 notable liveries that brightened the skies and airport terminals this year.

    The Top 10 Social Networking Apps and Sites for Travelers

    social apps

    As Wi-Fi is increasingly enabled in-flight, social networking is no longer restricted to passengers on the ground. Whether travelers are looking to meet that special someone in-flight or simply looking for a travel companion, we’ve rounded up 10 apps that are helping passengers get social in the sky.

    APEX Media Forecast PaxEx in 2015

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    After attending nine shows and events around the world this past year, the APEX Media team has been instilled with knowledge and excitement for what’s coming up for PaxEx in 2015. From high-tech wearables to personalized travel experiences, we’re looking forward to another exciting year for the industry.

    Airport Observation Decks


    To compliment our  feature on the observation deck at Perth Airport within The Architecture Issue of APEX Experience, check out our list of seven other noteworthy observation decks popular among plane-spotters across the globe.

    APEX’s Favorite Travel Hashtags

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    Inspired by Jenn Wint’s article “The Digital Power of Crwodsourcing” in The Marketing Issue, we decided to put together a list of our favorite travel hashtags. What we didn’t know was that, in our research, we would come across the fascinating phenomenon of  #airportcarpet. Funny how small talk can lead to big ideas.