Touch Enters IFE Partnership with Aeromexico 


Image via Touch Inflight Solutions

Touch Inflight Solutions (Touch) has entered a new partnership with Aeromexico focused on optimizing the carriers’ in-flight entertainment (IFE) workflows and offering more personalized content to Aeromexico passengers. 

Andre Valera, VP Business Development at Conetic, the umbrella company that owns Touch, ABOVE and Oxygen Premium Services, explained that this years-long partnership will benefit both Aeromexico and Delta Air Lines, which is a major shareholder in Aeromexico. 

“Touch is the content service provider for Delta Air Lines, and our track record of providing exceptional service to Delta has been a key factor in establishing trust with Aeromexico. This relationship is strengthened by our close coordination with Delta in technical services and content management, creating synergies that benefit both airlines in terms of efficiency and operational effectiveness,” he said.

This will be the initial focus of the partnership. Valera elaborated, “The first change will involve the creation of improved workflows. Utilizing the Touch Media Center, combined with our expert operational team, we aim to deliver enhanced operational outcomes from the outset.”

The Touch Media Center is a web-based platform designed to enable efficient media management and collaboration. It allows airlines to curate and select their media, carry out automated media licensing and technical orders, and obtain accurate metadata in more than 30 languages.

The partnership will also see Aeromexico using ABOVE’s cloud-based media distribution platform to reduce content turnaround times. 

“Providing exceptional service to Delta has been a key factor in establishing trust with Aeromexico.”

Andre Valera, Conetic

“In the long term, Touch is dedicated to enhancing passenger satisfaction, primarily by improving the Net Promoter Score (NPS),” continued Valera. “Our approach involves crafting a content strategy that aligns with Aeromexico’s brand and appeals to passengers’ preferences. This strategy will provide a unique and engaging in-flight experience.” 

The company aims to achieve this with regular meetings and reviews, which it feels are crucial for the two parties to align on their plans and evaluate the effectiveness of Aeromexico’s content selection. Touch’s Mexico-based team will provide insights into local trends and content consumption, and the company will also employ predictive analytics to provide Aeromexico with a data-backed perspective. “This ongoing process is essential for sustaining improvements in passenger experience, which positively impacts Aeromexico’s brand reputation and customer loyalty,” Valera concluded. 

“We look forward to working with Aeromexico to highlight the diverse and dynamic cultural fabric that makes Mexico unique,” said João Chaves, Touch’s Director of Customer Service. “Our exclusive content will enable Aeromexico passengers to feel connected to Mexico’s vibrant heritage and modern arts.”

“This partnership signifies our dedication to setting new standards for in-flight entertainment,” said Aeromexico’s VP Product and Onboard Services, António Fernandez Ojeda. “We look forward to pioneering the future of engagement and entertainment with Touch. This partnership marks an exciting step forward for Aeromexico as they embark on elevating in-flight entertainment offerings across their growing fleet.”

In 2022, Aeromexico signed a deal with Air Lease Corporation regarding the long-term lease of nine new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, including two Boeing 737 MAX 8s and seven Boeing 737 MAX 9s, which were scheduled for delivery by August 2023.