[VIDEO] APEX MultiMedia Market: Three First-Time Exhibitors Talk IFE


    [VIDEO] APEX MultiMedia Market: Three First-Time Exhibitors Talk IFE
    The 2019 APEX MultiMedia Market. Image: Mark Harrison

    This year’s APEX MultiMedia Market event in Dublin saw a host of first-time exhibitors keen to communicate the suitability of their content to airline delegates looking to enhance their in-flight entertainment (IFE) offerings.

    APEX Media director Maryann Simson interviewed three first time exhibitors at the 2019 APEX MultiMedia Market, whose respective catalogs cover content ranging from factual TV shows to viral video clips and esports, in an effort to find out why they think now is the right time to try and penetrate the airline market, and how their content is relevant to today’s passengers.

    Taylor Thoen, CEO & executive producer, BTV

    Sandra Nduna, manager of International Distribution, Dick Clark Productions

    Neil James, Chief Commercial Officer, Signal Lamp Entertainment


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    Click here to read more about in-flight entertainment content in “Digital Native: Taking Online Content on Board,” a booklet produced for the APEX MultiMedia Market and sponsored by Signal Lamp Entertainment.


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