[VIDEO] Private-Like Regional Airline JSX Has NPS of 85, Founder Explains Why


Alex Wilcox, founder and CEO of JetSuite and JSX

During this interview, Alex Wilcox, founder and CEO of JSX and JetSuite, tells the story behind the two offerings and explains what kind of passenger experience can be expected from each.

After ten years of JetSuite, Wilcox says the private charter operator realized that the main reason many of its customers were using its services was to save the time associated with commercial air travel. Thus, JSX was born. Short for “Joyfully Simple Experience,” JSX operates in and out of private terminals at eight US airports to make sure its passengers save valuable time at a price point that’s more comparable to commercial airfare versus that of chartering a private jet. With a net promoter score of 85, the offering is clearly a success with customers.

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