APEX ACE (Airline Content Expert)

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APEX ACE represents a revolutionary step in the airline industry, recognizing deep engagement and comprehensive expertise in in-flight entertainment content. This esteemed certification, crafted by APEX, symbolizes an airline’s dedication to enhancing passenger experience through superior in-flight entertainment.

Core Philosophy

APEX ACE is more than an accolade; it is a journey of engagement, learning, and mastery. It distinguishes airlines dedicated to understanding and implementing top-notch in-flight entertainment content. Our aim is to bridge the gap in commitment observed in the industry through continuous engagement and expertise development at APEX events.

Program Criteria and Expectations

  • Comprehensive Engagement: Participate in both APEX Global EXPO and APEX Content Market.
  • Selective Collaboration: Actively engage with leading global in-flight entertainment content providers.
  • Expertise Development: Show proficiency in selecting diverse entertainment content that resonates with a global audience.
  • Innovative Adaptation: Continuously update and enhance content offerings, keeping up with evolving trends and technologies.

Exclusive Insights

Approximately 7% of the 600 airlines worldwide are expected to achieve this certification, underscoring its exclusivity and prestige as a mark of in-flight entertainment expertise.

Benefits of the APEX ACE Certification

  1. Distinctive Industry Standing: Recognized as a leader in in-flight entertainment excellence.
  2. Competitive Edge: Market your airline as a top-tier in-flight entertainment provider.
  3. Superior Passenger Experience: Enhance passenger satisfaction and loyalty with an engaging in-flight experience.
  4. Access to Cutting-edge Insights: Gain exclusive industry insights, trends, and data.


APEX ACE is more than a program; it is a transformative journey towards unmatched in-flight entertainment expertise. It aligns with APEX’s mission of revolutionizing the airline industry through innovation, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative excellence. This certification is a testament to an airline’s commitment to providing the ultimate in-flight experience.